How to make freedom of religion a reality

Article published in The House magazine, 15 January 2018: Around the world too many people are still living in fear of persecution for their beliefs. It’s time we matched our rhetoric with practical action, writes Baroness Berridge. For those of us working to advance the importance of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human […]

National Life and Shared Values and Public Policy Priorities

This was the title of a debate initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the House of Lords on 2 December. The Church Times reported that he called for “a more beautiful and better common narrative”, that would enable Britain to “play a powerful, hopeful, and confident role in the world”, and resist “the turn […]

‘If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together’

An Intern’s Reflection by Selina Stone I heard this African proverb once and it has never left me. In the culture of our day, speed seems to be everything. Being a new Londoner (sorry Birmingham) this is even more apparent. We rush out of the house in the morning and we rush back home in […]

Women Bishops in the House of Lords

I am grateful to hear the announcement that we will be fast-tracking women Bishops, below is an article I wrote for The House Magazine in Novenber 2013, please do have a read. “The longer the Anglican church keeps women Bishops out of the Lords, the more it stands to lose” Soon it will be Synod and our vexed […]