Work Experience Report by Kyle Holmes

From the 9th to 14th February I went on work experience with my auntie Baroness Berridge. I worked with her in the Houses of Parliament and in her office opposite (Millbank House) for one week. The work I did was very interesting and varied. I went to many meetings with her and also met many […]

Political Visits – Egypt, Jan 2014

These are normally described by the newspapers as “political jollies” which actually could not be further from the truth.  So I thought I would give a brief description of my trip to Egypt last weekend along with six colleagues. Since I joined the House of Lords three years ago many groups including development agencies, human […]

Charity Commission forces a detrimental religion to change its ways

“The Charity Commission should be commended for their hard work, as the first statutory authority to put on public record that “there were elements of detriment and harm which emanated from the doctrines and practices of the (Exclusive) Brethren…” (EB but also known at the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church)  Any assertion that the Charity Commission […]

Lord Bragg interviews Archbishop Welby

In a special event hosted by Baroness’s Berridge, O’Loan, Brinton & Sherlock, Lord Bragg interviewed Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby for an audience of about 150 Peers, about his life, faith and work experiences. The interview was followed by a lively question and answer session from the floor.