Thoughts provoked by “Mitchellgate”

I am not about to comment on what was or was not said in ‘The Andrew Mitchell Incident’ but there has, I think, been too little comment or thought on the role of the police. Most of us get used to going about our daily lives unhindered by other people let alone the police. Too […]

“My week at the House of Lords”

Working in the House of Lords was nothing like I expected it to be. My week there was fast-paced and I was certainly kept occupied every minute! I personally enjoy variety in work, and so was pleasantly surprised by how many committee meetings, events and chamber events I had the privilege to attend. It definitely […]

Minimum Price Fixing

Minimum prices for alcohol – “punishes the majority and hits the poorest hardest”. Perhaps if it works, this is a price worth paying? Is it really ‘punishment’ for alcohol to cost at least 40p per unit? Anyone would think the Prime Minister had proposed putting VAT on food from the melodramatic use of language in […]

Shame not guilt cost Fred Goodwin his knighthood.

I awoke yesterday to a debate on Radio 4’s Today programme about the stripping of Fred Goodwin of his knighthood.  I did begin to wonder if listening to such adversarial interviews each morning puts me in the best frame of mind for the day.  That aside, it seemed that much of the complaint from the […]