“My week at the House of Lords”

Working in the House of Lords was nothing like I expected it to be. My week there was fast-paced and I was certainly kept occupied every minute! I personally enjoy variety in work, and so was pleasantly surprised by how many committee meetings, events and chamber events I had the privilege to attend. It definitely rings true that having done one day in Parliament, you feel that you have completed a week: due to the sheer amount that you accomplish every day. All in all, I really enjoyed my time with Baroness Berridge and the feeling of being at the centre of British politics.

Irenne Ighodaro
Work Experience Student

My time working with Baroness Berridge was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Before this summer, I was used to relatively rigid schedules that lacked much variation. In the House of Lords, the schedule was packed and often changed in the middle of the day, giving me insight into a different type of workplace. Having the privilege to observe debates in the chamber, committee meetings, and coffee meetings gave me a chance to witness history in the making. Being able to look at the newspaper in the morning and to see articles discussing a piece of legislation I had seen debated the day before was an unbelievable experience. Through my month of work experience, I learned an amazing amount about British politics, met new people, and navigated a historic and complex workplace.

Beth Yan
Work Experience Student


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