Public Order Training


“I have a space in my team, would you like to ‘kit up’ and join us?”  Well I only needed to be asked once as you can only really tell what it is like being a police officer trained in public order work by donning the necessary kit. 

The kit has to be comprehensive: shoulder guards, elbow guards, groin guard, flame retardant hood, helmet, short shield and flame retardant outer clothes.  Once I had it all on the issue was then moving with it all on!  After running around for 15-20 minutes the medic who accompanies the training advised me to step aside.  As I caught my breath, I watched the petrol bombing exercise and the police who were also expert at making them.

I could not help but be impressed that police officers volunteer for this training which involves being set on fire.  There has been a decline in officers coming forward for training as being “level 2” trained can make your shift pattern unpredictable, but I do wonder if this is also linked to the lack of pay increment for obtaining such training.

It was a real privilege to see this training and I shall return to Gravesend to see the firearms training in the near future.

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