Vision trip to Egypt

25th September to 2nd October.

It was a great privilege for Baroness Berridge to travel to Egypt for the first time with CSW, a Christian Human Rights Charity ( As well as meeting with the British Ambassador and religious leaders, including Pope Shenouda and the Grand Imam, she found it inspiring to meet young people who had been part of the Revolution. Having risked so much, many people seem to believe that the revolution was being stolen from them by extremist groups who they feared would dominate politics, and were uncertain about what role the currently military government (SCAF) wished to play in the New Egypt.

Baroness Berridge outside the Two Saints Church, Alexandria

The leaders of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria, which was bombed on New Year’s Eve 2010, left an indelible impression. They were full of graciousness and integrity despite the martyrdom of 20 of their congregation in a traumatic attack upon the church. No proper investigation has been undertaken but the leaders refused to speculate on who the culprits might be, and deeply appreciated the support shown by Muslims from the Mosque just across the road from the church.

“All that I saw and heard in Egypt meant that I was sadly not surprised to see, literally days later, the killing of 26 Coptic Christians in Tahrir Square. Egypt has difficult days ahead, and I do hope that it will achieve Equality of Citizenship for all Egyptians; what most Egyptians desire. I would encourage anyone to visit this beautiful land.”

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